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PayNetX Has a New Logo - Here's why

We submitted application to register our new logo as a registered trade mark.

You might have noticed that our logo looks a bit different. Why? Well, PayNetX is evolving. We'll go into more details, so read on!

What's changed?

We're changing only the design of the logo. Our colour palette and fonts remain the same.

Why did we do it?

At the very beginning, PayNetX meant to be a payment platform that allowed users to manage and pay all their bills in both fiat and cryptocurrencies. For this purpose the previous logo represented a folded paper bill and at the time we thought that its perfect for the initial concept.

Today however, following the challenges we faced for the past months, PayNetX evolved significantly and it stands for Payment Network Extensibility. An entirely new payment infrastructure that allows not only bill payment, but instant transactions from any fiat to fiat, crypto to crypto, fiat to crypto and crypto to fiat currencies across the globe. PayNetX is also part of the entire NetX Ecosystem. An ecosystem that consist of PayNetX as a payment infrastructure and NetXchange services both to be powered by NetX Chain which is our own blockchain network.

Our new logo look is a reflection of this evolution and as we aim to build the most valuable company in the world, we thought it should represent the entire NetX Ecosystem in a simple way.

We hope you like it.

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