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As an Innovative FinTech, we combine the power of DLT & AI to develop, test, and promote adoption of technology-driven operational solutions within the global banking community

Our solutions aim to drive positive digital transformation in regulated capital markets for member Financial Institutions, enabling them to proactively address current challenges, improve services to their end-users,

and seize future opportunities.

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Discover Solutions and Business Use Cases our members are exploring with Us.

With the continuous evolution of regulatory policies and capital markets, it has become evident that outdated legacy systems are adding pressures on the global financial ecosystem. Consequently, the global banking community has been grappling with significant resource challenges in their daily operations for decades.

PayNetX's P2DTC (Private-Permission based Decentralised Trigger Chain), a custom-built Distributed Ledger Technology, provides the Global Underlying Interledger Communication Layer that facilitates the atomic settlement of traditional and emerging forms of value on a single, interoperable infrastructure.

PayNetX improves performance, automates KYC/AML/CFT reporting, unlocks previously blocked capital, reduces operating costs, eliminates counterparty risks and settlement delays while providing previously unseen instant settlement results and real-time intraday liquidity management data. Discover some of the solutions and business use cases our members are exploring with us.

Atomic Settlement Engine

Seamless Fund Distribution Processes

Treasury Management Systems

Tokenization of RWA's (Real World Assets)

Real-Time FX Order Matching

Real-Time Liquidity Management Predictability

Real-Time Intraday Liquidity Management

End-To-End Banking and Payment Infrastructure Modernization

Our global banking network is rapidly growing! 

Over the past 12 months, we've achieved significant industry recognition and hosted over 75 webinars involving industry leading organisations, 12,500+ CEOs, CFOs, and senior professionals from the payments, treasury, strategy, and innovation divisions of 4,781 central and commercial banks

Discover industry recognition and acknowledgement of PayNetX’s mission to Accelerate the World’s Transition to Seamless, Cost-Efficient & Borderless Value Transfer. 

Global Financial Inclusion is Within Reach

While our primary focus remains on accelerating the global transition to seamless, cost-efficient, and borderless value transfer, achieving this transition will demand efforts extending far beyond PayNetX. Presently, we are in the process of developing a 5-step Master Plan, highlighting 5 key areas pivotal in propelling the global financial ecosystem transformation and securing financial inclusion, stability, and resilience for future generations.

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